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Used Heavy Equipment - Compactors

Wide Selection of Used Compactors Available

Compactors are an important tool for many agricultural, landfill and construction sites, so it is essential to choose the used compactor specific to your needs. Are you looking for a dependable used compactor for your next project? If you require a soil compactor, vibratory soil compactor, landfill compactor, pneumatic rollers or tandem vibratory rollers, Toromont Cat has the used Caterpillar compactor to match your project needs and get the job done!

Used Compactors for Sale:

Looking to Purchase a Used Compactor for Your Next Project?

Compacting to specifications is crucial for a variety of applications, so choose the Caterpillar compactor that is specially designed to handle your specific compaction tasks. Our used compactors feature advanced technologies that boost durability, operational performance and efficacy. Whether flattening soil, compacting landfill material or smoothing the surface of a newly paved road, our selection of combination rollers will offer value where it is needed most. If you need a soil compactor in Winnipeg, a pneumatic roller in Toronto or a landfill compactor in Pointe-Claire, Toromont Cat has the used compactor you need! Our used compactors are affordable (starting at $13,500 CAD) and many come Caterpillar Certified.

Get Your Used Compactor from Toromont Cat Today!

If your landfill, agricultural or construction site needs a compactor, choose a used Caterpillar compactor from Toromont Cat! We carry a wide selection of compactors (soil, vibratory soil and landfill) and rollers (pneumatic and tandem vibratory) that are affordable, cost-effective and backed by Caterpillar. Contact us today for more information about our range of used compactors!

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