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Used Heavy Equipment - Used Off-highway Trucks / Tractors

Exceed Your Expectations with Our Used Off-Highway Trucks

Off highway trucks are specifically designed for the mining, quarry and construction industries, where challenging terrain and extreme environments are the norm. In these industries, durability, reliability and load capacity matter the most. Toromont’s used off highway trucks will exceed your expectations. Excellent hauling capabilities, maneuverability, safety and operating costs are just some of the outstanding features of our machines.


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Wide Range of Used Off-Highway Trucks and Tractors

Toromont Cat carries a range of used off-highway trucks created specifically to handle mining, construction and quarry challenges. Our Caterpillar used off-highway trucks can carry payloads between 42.1 ton and 98.4 ton and travel more than 40 mph when fully loaded. Caterpillar’s used off-highway trucks are built to withstand a variety of environments and terrains and can be relied upon to get the job done when it matters most. If your next construction, mining or quarry project needs a used off-highway truck, contact Toromont Cat today!

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Used Heavy Equipment