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Used Heavy Equipment - Off-highway Trucks / Tractors

Exceed Your Expectations with Our Used Off-Highway Trucks

Off-highway trucks are specifically designed for the construction, mining and quarry industries where extreme environments are common. For a truck that can handle your toughest applications in almost any environment, choose a used off-highway truck from Toromont Cat.

Used Off-Highway Trucks & Tractors Currently for Sale:

Used Off-Highway Trucks that Perform in Harsh Conditions

Toromont Cat has a wide selection of used off-highway trucks available for purchase. Our off-highway trucks are well-known for their excellent hauling capabilities and maneuverability on rugged terrain. Newer technologies have improved the comfort, performance, safety and cost-efficiency of our machines. Our range of pre-owned off-highway trucks can easily carry payloads between 42.1 ton and 98.4 ton and travel more than 40 mph when fully loaded. Whatever you need to haul, a used off-highway truck from Toromont Cat can help you get the job done.

Buy Your Next Used Off-Highway Truck from Toromont Cat!

Off-highway trucks are pivotal pieces of equipment for many jobsites in the construction, mining and quarry industries. Choose trucks that are reliable and tough enough to handle the challenging terrain on your site. For a used off-highway truck built to perform in the harshest of conditions, contact Toromont Cat today!

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