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Used Heavy Equipment - Track Type Loaders / Crawlers

Reach Maximum Performance with Our Used Track Type Loaders and Crawlers

When it comes to maximum loading and digging performance on the job site, nothing beats our used track type loaders/crawlers. Toromont Cat tracked loaders are made to handle the most challenging terrains, offering unrivaled power, versatility and productivity thanks to their uncanny ability to dig, load and excavate in some of roughest and most stringent ground work applications such as mining, quarry and construction.

Used Track Type Loaders and Crawlers Currently for Sale:

Toromont Cat’s Selection of Used Track Type Loaders and Crawlers

Toromont carries several models of used track type loaders and crawlers with high loading capacities and the ability to handle some of the world’s most challenging terrains. Our Caterpillar used track type loaders/crawlers range in flywheel power from 154 HP to 275 HP and are able to perform digging, loading and excavation tasks in some of the toughest industries. If your construction, mining or quarry site could benefit from a heavy-duty used track type loader/crawler, contact Toromont Cat today for more information about our available models.

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