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Used Heavy Equipment - Track Type Tractors / Dozers

Eliminate Site Obstructions with Used Tractors and Dozers from Toromont Cat

To quickly and easily clear your site of trees and shrubs, dense soil, stones or leftover building materials, you’ll need a dependable used Cat® tractor or dozer to get the job done. Toromont Cat offers a wide selection of used small, medium, large and waste-handling dozers capable of removing obstacles and flattening the job site with power, stability and precision.

Used Tractors and Dozers Currently for Sale:

Used Cat® Tractors and Dozers Outperform the Competition

Toromont Cat carries a variety of reliable used track-type tractors and dozers built to easily and efficiently complete the clearing and grading tasks common to agricultural, construction, mining and quarry sites. Our used Cat® tractors and dozers – which range in net power from 80 HP to 850 HP – are renowned for their technology, safety features, maneuverability and durability. Many of Toromont Cat’s pre-owned Cat® dozers come equipped with Cat® Connect Technologies – including Cat® Slope Assist, Cat® Slope Indicate, Cat® Stable Blade and Cat® Grade with 3D – which help to boost productivity and provide better quality results. Save more fuel and money with the Eco Mode feature on our used tractors and dozers; the D10T, D3K2, D4K2, D6K2, D6N and D6T used dozer models are up to 15% more fuel efficient and produce less exhaust emissions. With Cat® Connect Technologies, automatic traction control, power pitch and improved blade control, operators will be up to 50% more productive when operating a used Cat® dozer. Our pre-owned tractors and dozers are also outfitted with seat-mounted controls, heated seats and panoramic windows for better operator visibility.

Explore Toromont Cat’s Wide Range of Used Track-Type Tractors and Dozers

Toromont Cat has used tractors and dozers available for sale by Caterpillar and other trusted brands in the seven regions we serve (ON, QC, MN, NB, NL, NS and PE). Our fleet of pre-owned tractors includes models from 2002 to 2019, many of which have low usage hours. When you buy a used dozer from Toromont Cat, you’ll also have 24/7 access to our team of dedicated service technicians. Thanks to easy access panels for servicing on our used tractors and dozers, our technicians can quickly repair your machine with little downtime. For more peace of mind, choose a Caterpillar Certified dozer that has been serviced and inspected by our technicians to an almost-new state, so that you can be certain you’re receiving a durable dozer in top-notch condition. With pre-owned tractors and dozers from Toromont Cat, you can power through tough conditions and finish the job faster.

Purchase Your Next Used Tractor or Dozer from Toromont Cat

For your next agricultural, construction, mining or quarry project, choose a used dozer from Toromont Cat that can handle your toughest obstacle removal and grading tasks. Our used Cat® tractors and dozers are outfitted with advanced features that help them to outperform other dozers on any job site. To learn more about our used tractors and dozers and the difference they can make on your site, contact Toromont Cat today!

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